District Championships: Understanding the New Open System

By David Minihan, USPTA Master Professional

Each year, the USTA Missouri Valley Junior Competition Committee gives each district a certain amount of designated tournaments that will award level 4 sectional points. These tournaments are called District Championships. There are five total levels that award sectional points. These are Champ tournaments (level 5), District Championships (level 4), MV Futures (Level 3), MV Supers (Level 2) and Sweet 16 (Level 1). So going deep in a draw that has level 4 points will help a great deal in moving up the standings ,which increases your chances in getting into a MV Future sectional level 3 event.

Each district has four tournaments which are designated. For Oklahoma, the following are the remaining dates for the District Championships MV Level 4 events.

July 28-30 Westwood Tennis Center BG12-18

September 8-10 LaFortune Tennis Center BG12-18

New for 2017 is that every district is required to designate two District Championship events as Open tournaments. This means that the Open tournaments are open to the entire section. However, draws are limited to 32. If the tournament has more than 32 entrants, the tournament director will select players in the following order:

  1. Top 16 players selected from host district
  2. The remaining players selected by the most recent MV standings list
  3. If there are not 16 players from the host district that register, the remaining spots will also be selected by the MV standings list

For Oklahoma players to be eligible for these tournaments, the player needs to be in the champs circuit. Click here for full champs and challenger schedule including District Championships. This document will link you directly to each tournament on the 2017 schedule. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate in emailing David Minihan at [email protected]

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