Traveling Through Tennis

By Aspen Minihan, 14 and Under Champs Player, Excellence 1 Level

One of my favorite parts of playing tennis is traveling. I have met so new friends from traveling through tennis. I love traveling with my family because we always make it a three day vacation. Of coarse I love the tennis part, but I also love staying in hotels and sight seeing. Whether it’s just my dad and I or my whole family, it’s always a blast to go somewhere new!

One of my favorite trips was going to Waterloo, Iowa with my dad. It took us 9 hours to get to our hotel. Since we knew the drive would be long, we went to Kansas City, spent the night there, and then continued our drive to Waterloo. The first girl I played looked 10 feet tall to me. I didn’t have much hope when I first saw her, but at the same time I did. Butterflies were inside my stomach as I walked onto the court. The first set felt like 3 hours to me. We had to play a 7 point tiebreaker and I finally finished it out at 11-9. So, the second set felt easy to me and I had a lot more confidence. After that match, my dad and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner. There wasn’t a good selection of restaurants, but we were thankful we even got food. 🙂

Waterloo, Iowa was a great experience for me. There was so much to tell my mom and little sister, Chloe. I had so much fun and I hope I can do it again soon!

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