Welcome to Court Reserve – Clinic Reservation System.

APPLICATIONS LIVE NOW for WESTWOOD: Clinic Registrations / ONLINE Payments

TBA APPLICATIONS: Online Court Reservations / Cardio Tennis Sign Ups / Yearly Memberships for Court and Ball Machine PASSES / Adult Drill Reservations and MORE…

Click Here for the Main Court Reserve Junior Clinics Registration Portal – 4 Step Instructions Below for Signing Up

4 Step Process to Sign up for Clinics (Listed under Clinics in Court Reserve). More Detailed Instructions with Screen Shots are Below.

ALL CLINICS are PRE-PAY online through our Court Reserve Registration Program.

The 4 Steps:

1st: Create AN ACCOUNT / OR LOG IN (If we created your account) with your Preferred Email Address as the LOG IN and your own password.

2nd: Go to the DROP DOWN menu under your NAME and Create a Payment Profile. Go to BILLING after to see all TRANSACTIONS.

3rd: Then Go to MY FAMILY on the DROP DOWN menu under Your Name (Right Side) – and ADD your CHILD (no email or phone needed for them) with BIRTHDATES.

4th: Find All CLINICS (Left Side) Under Clinics – LIST or CALENDAR / Find Clinic & Register Your Child. SAVE and PAY.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Call our Front Desk Manager, Brian A. Barnes at (405) 609-9442. He will be happy to assist you and help you in any way to be a regular Court Reserve User. You can also call the Front Desk at (405) 366-8859 or Email us at [email protected]

We have a Public Sign UP Computer for potential Members (or Current) to sign up with Assistance (or get help with Court Reserve Navigation / Tips and Pointers) from Front Desk Personnel.

Detailed Step by Step Court Reserve Instructions: