Junior Classes

Mighty Mites (10 & Under / 5-10 yrs)

Kids play using red, orange or green balls that bounce lower, don’t move as fast through the air and are easier to hit. Racquets are sized for small hands and courts are smaller and easier to cover. The benefits are immediate and within a short time, kids are rallying and playing – and are excited to keep playing! Kids will have more fun – and feel less frustration.

Westwood Tennis Center’s 10 and Under Tennis program is top notch! Our staff is committed to creating a safe, fun and accelerated learning environment for all junior entry level players. We have combined the USTA 10 and Under Tennis format with our own developmental process to enhance the mental, physical and technical growth of all of our junior players. If your child is interested in participating in our program, please review the upcoming enrollment dates below. Our classes fill up very fast so mark your calendars!


Not every tennis player starts training when they are an infant. Not every player wants to compete in college, or even in high school for that matter. Some kids just want to learn to play just for fun so they can compete a little better on the public courts every now and then. Also, some parents may be looking for fitness of a different kind for their child. In either case, “Challengers” would be a perfect fit. Challenger classes are a wonderful way to “test” tennis to see if its something your child would enjoy.


This class provides the foundation for the players to instill a discipline and mindset that allows them to get the most out of themselves.  These players are tournament ready with the goals in making the high school tennis team as well as advancing in the rankings on district, section or national level.  While this class is for 9th-12th grade players, it is not uncommon to have younger players that are at the same level or better.